Sunday, July 29, 2012

CAT 2012 Registration Begins on 30th July; Why Select Early Slots Dates For CAT Exam

How to Apply/Register for CAT 2012

Why to select early slot dates for CAT 2012

CAT is the most important paper in MBA entrance exams in India.  CAT is the hope for anyone who aspires to begin his corporate career. The importance of CAT exam cannot be quantified. I can only measure the value of CAT through the level of competition and preparation one does for CAT exam. Thus every internal and external factor which influences the preparation or result of CAT is critical for every serious CAT aspirant.

Internal factors for CAT preparation are those which are largely dependent upon you.
  • Level of seriousness for CAT.
  • Level of preparation for CAT.
  • Time allotted towards CAT preparation.
  • Judicious/Naive decisions about choosing books and coaching for CAT after doing/not doing research about them.
  •  Emotions attached towards CAT exam.

External factors are those which are not in your control.
  •  Particular situations/happenings.
  • CAT exam pattern.

How to Choose a CAT exam date slot 

I would like to highlight the importance and advantages of choosing an early CAT exam date. This is an internal factor determining your success in CAT.

1. Date and Slot of your choice
Early registration would guarantee an exam slot date of your choice. All the slots are available and you can select it according to your preference.


2. City of your choice
There are chances that if you do not fill the slot someone else will. You may not get a slot in your own city. Then you will have to travel. Travelling is to be avoided to further avoid fatigue before the CAT. So go register yourself.

3. Waiting for Form at Axis Bank
Once the CAT 2012 date comes closer the cues for CAT forms/voucher at Axis bank can be sighted from outside the bank. Students running in and around the bank for the CAT form can be seen. So try to avoid that rush and get the voucher before that happens.

4. Focus on CAT preparation
Once you are done with CAT registration you can set targets and concentrate on CAT. Otherwise you will plan the date once you are confident and at that moment you may not get your preferred day/slot and even center.

CAT Registration will begin on 30th July 2012. You can buy forms from Axis bank branches from tomorrow. The last date for sale of vouchers is 17th September 2012. The CAT application for IIMs is worth 1600 Rs.

CAT 2012 Registration Process

Here is the process on how to apply for CAT shown diagrammatically in flow chart below.

CAT 2012 application process

CAT 2012 application process
CAT 2012 Application Process