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IIM Admissions 2013 CAT Exam Date 2013

CAT 2013 Exam Date
CAT 2014 Exam Date

CAT IIM Admissions 2013

CAT 2013 exam date has been announced from October 16 to November 11, 2013.

CAT 2013 will be held from October 16th Till November 11th 2013. The total window for CAT 2013 will be of 20 days.

CAT 2013 Important Dates Exam: 
Sale of CAT form and Prospectus: From July 29 to September 24 
Registration of CAT 2013: July 29 to September 26 
Date of Examination CAT 2013: October 16 to November 11

CAT 2013 Vouchers can be bought from AXIS bank. There are total of 40 CAT centres where CAT 2013 will be held.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

CAT 2013 Syllabus PDF Download

Cat 2013 2014 syllabus

Cat 2013 syllabus free download PDF,

Syllabus for cat 2014

Cat 2013 syllabus for Quant – quantitative ability (QA)

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1. Vedic maths (quick multiplication and division)

2. Squares and cubes of numbers
Cat syllabus requires one to learn squares and cubes that are mentioned below.
  • Square and square roots
  • Squares for numbers from 31 to 50
  • Findings squares of numbers between 81 to 100
  • Cubes and cube roots 
3. Number system
  • The concept of GCD , HCF, lcm, geometric progression, arithmetic progression, arithmetic mean, geometric mean , harmonic mean, median, mode, number base system, BODMAS
  • Shortcut for finding the GCD of two numbers n1& n2 divisibility
  • Calculate the number of zeroes in an expression
  • The remainder theorem
  • Using negative remainders
  • Another important point
  • An application of remainder theorem base system 
4. Mixtures and alligations

5. Percentages
  • Base/denominator for percentage calculations
  • Concept of percentage change
  • Percentage rule for calculating percentage values through additions
  • Effect of a percent change in the numerator on a ratio's value
  • Fraction to percentage conversion table 
6. Profit and loss 

7. Interest
  • Concept of time value of money
  • Simple interests
  • Compound interest
  • Depreciation of value
  • Population
  • Use of interests in Data Interpretation. 

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8. Ratio, proportion and variation
  • Mathematical uses of ratios
  • Proportion
  • Variation 
9. Time and work
  • Alternative approach
  • Worked-out problems

10. Time, speed and distance

11. Geometry and mensuration
Part A: geometry
  • Straight lines
  • Polygons
  • Triangles
  • Equilateral triangles
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Types of quadrilaterals
  • Regular hexagon
  • Circles
  • Ellipse
  • Star

Part B: mensuration

12. Coordinate geometry
  • Cartesian coordinate system
13. Functions
  • Even and odd functions
  • Shifting of graphs
  • Combining movements
  • Inequalities

14. Inequalities
  • Properties of inequalities

15. Quadratic equations

16. Logarithms

17. Permutations and combinations

18. Probability

19. Set theory

CAT 2013 Syllabus for Logical Reasoning, Logical reasoning for CAT PDF, Logical reasoning for CAT 2013, logical reasoning cat syllabus,

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·           Logical Reasoning
·        Arrangements
·        Rankings
·        Team Formations  
·        Quantitative Reasoning

·        Syllogisms  
·        Logical Deductions
·        Set Theory, Venn Diagrams and Network Diagrams
·        Binary Logic
·        Critical Reasoning
Logical reasoning questions for CAT syllabus also includes

·        Sequences and Series
·        Blood Relation
·        Direction Test
·        Statement and Conclusions
·        Statement and Assumptions
·        Assertion and Reason
·        Statement—Courses of Action
·        Mathematical Operations

CAT 2013 Data Interpretation SyllabusData interpretation syllabus cat free download PDF

Data Interpretation for CAT syllabus demands that students must develop speed and accuracy in calculations. Such as additions and subtractions, multiplications, divisions, Percentage Calculations and Ratio Comparisons and percentage Rule for Calculating Percentage values through additions.

1. Data Interpretation

2. Tables
  • Simple Bar Chart
  • Stacked Bar Chart
  • Composite Bar Chart
  • The Use of Bar Chart to Show Deviations
  • Representation of Percentage on a Stacked Bar Chart

3. X-Y Charts
  • The Typical Data shown on an x-y Chart involves a Time Series

4. Pie Charts

CAT 2013 Verbal Ability Syllabus PDFCat verbal ability PDF free download

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  • Comprehension of passage, Verbal Reasoning, Syllogisms (Download list of high frequency words for CAT PDF)
  • Contextual usage, Analogies
  • Antonyms
  • Fill In the Blanks
  • Jumbled paragraphs with 4 or 5 sentences
  • Foreign language words used in English
  • Sentence completion
  • Sentence correction, odd man out
  • Idioms, one word substitution ( Download List of Idioms for CAT with meaning and sentenses PDF )
  • Different usage of same word
  • Errors in word choice
  • Mania & phobia, Incorrect words
  • Mood, Conditionals & Multiple Usage
  • Punctuation, Proverb
  • Phrasal verb etc. 

Click Here To Download CAT 2013 Syllabus PDF Download  

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How to Prepare for Verbal Ability for CAT (Best Books for Verbal Ability for CAT)

How to prepare for verbal ability for cat
Arun Sharma verbal ability
Best Book for verbal ability preparation for CAT exam
Arun Sharma verbal ability book
How to prepare for cat 2013 VA section

The most recommended book for verbal ability in CAT is Arun Sharma Verbal Ability book. It is a comprehensive book and covers every section for the CAT exam preparation. Verbal section in CAT can be very tough if you have not prepared well for it and left it for the last. Regular vocabulary building is another thing many students ignore. The book is a long one and has more questions per chapter compared to any other verbal ability preparation book. The need to practice the maximum number of questions can be taken care with Arun Sharma Verbal ability for CAT.  If you have 5-6 months in hand for CAT preparation and are determined to score well this book can be a good companion. The contents of Arun Sharma Verbal Ability are as follows. There are 5 parts in the book.

Part I Building Skills for Reading Comprehension
Part 2 Verbal Ability
Part 3 Verbal Reasoning
Part 4 Mock Test Papers
Part 5 Previous year verbal ability CAT Papers

For more books by Arun Sharma for CAT preparation you may visit CAT BOOKS BY ARUN SHARMA.

Here is a link for How To Prepare For The Verbal Section (VA) in CAT Exam. 

You can download  High Frequency Wordlist PDF for CAT Free.