Recommended Books for Logical Reasoning for CAT, XAT and MBA entrance exams
R.S. Agarwal Books

Logical reasoning and Data Interpretation is a very important part in CAT and other MBA entrance exams as it can make or break your percentile. I love LRDI and I have been giving 1 hour everyday on it. Students in my institute solve questions in group of 2-3. I watch them compete with time and themselvesas well. I also would advise you to study in small groups where you can compete with other students. Here are some books on Logical reasoning, Data Interpretation an analytical reasoning. I would suggest you to have at-least 2 books in a group to have more exposure to different types of questions.   

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Book by R. S. Agarwal on logical reasoning for CAT and other MBA entrance exams.

Book Summary: A Modern Approach To Logical Reasoning

This books covers of all types of questions based on the latest pattern in a classified, well arranged and graded manner. A Whole lot of questions for practice, with solutions that can teach one the right approach to deal with similar questions that one may come across elsewhere. Fully Solved examples to explain the essence of each topic.

This book is useful for Common Admission Test(CAT); Management Aptitude Test(MAT);Xavier Admission Test (XAT);AIMS Test for Managemnt Admission (ATMA);Joint Management Entrance Test (JMET); Graduate Management Aptitude Test(GMAT);FMS and other State Level Joint Entrance Tests. 

Table Of Contents

  • Logic
  • Statement - Arguments
  • Statement Assumptions
  • Statement Courses of Action
  • Statement Conclusions
  • Deriving Conclusions From Passages
  • Theme Detection
  • Cause and Effect Reasoning

Book for Logical Reasoning by T.I.M.E institute (With CD)

Book Summary

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning has been designed as a one-stop solution for students preparing for a cross-section of competitive examinations.  Each chapter has many practice questions and there are a lot of tests.This book explains various models and concepts concisely and provides a large number of solved examples taken from actual examinations. It offers the expertise and combined knowledge of a team with years of experience in helping students to prepare for such examinations.

Salient Features

  • Diagnostic Test provided in the opening of the book to help students gauge their knowledge and skill with respect to various entrance examinations followed by the analysis of their performance
  • Each chapter has three exercises based on the difficulty level; easy, moderate, and difficult
  • 2 online tests (AIMCATs)
  • Extensive web-based support

Table Of Contents

Part I: Data Interpretation

  • Tables
  • Bar Graph
  • Line Graph
  • Pie Charts
  • Caselets, Networks and 3D Figures
  • Test Papers
  • Solutions for Chapter 1 to
  • Solutions for Test Papers

Part II: Logical Reasoning

  • Deductions
  • Linear Sequencing and Arrangement
  • Selections
  • Binary Logic
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Test Papers
  • Solutions for Chapter 1 to 5
  • Solutions for Test Papers

Part III: Practice Test

Arun Sharma (IIM Bangalore)  book for Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

Arun Sharma books for CAT are recommended by many because of the similarity you will find in CAT questions and the questions in his book. I personally feel you should have one Arun Sharma if you are studying in a group of 2-3 you shuld have 2 or more books on one subject to get variety of questions.

Cracking the CAT is all about being well prepared and ready for the different sections that the exam covers. This entrance examination encompasses two sections: Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation, Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning. 

This book is a comprehensive workbook that helps aspirants prepare for typical questions in the Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning sections. The book stays faithful to the exam pattern, so students are sure to find this helpful. The book covers four sections overall: Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, Data Sufficiency, and Challenges in Data Interpretation.
There are a lot of exams and tough questions have been explained in detail. 
Table Of Contents

Section 1-Data Interpretation
Part 1-Basic Modes of data Interpretation
1. Data Interpretation-An overview
2. Tables
       3. Bar Charts
       4. X-Y Charts
       5. Pie Charts
       6. Cases

Part 2-DI Exercises (Without Options)
1. DI Exercises (Without Options)

Part 3-Ten Minute Test Papers
1. Ten Minute Test Papers-Test 1-20

Part 4-Full Length Sectional Test Papers
1. Test-I
2. Test-II
3. Test-III
4. Test-IV
5. Test-V
6. Test-VI
7. Test-VII
8. Test-VIII
9. Test-XI
10. Test-X
11. Test-XI
12. Test-XII
13. Test-XIII
14. Test-XIV
15. Test-XV
16. Test-XVI
17. Test-XVII
18. Test-XVIII
19. Test-XIX
20. Test-XX
21. Test-XXI
22. Test-XXII
23. Test-XXIII

Part 5-Model Test Papers
1. Model Test Paper-I
2. Model Test Paper-II
3. Model Test Paper-III
4. Model Test Paper-IV
5. Model Test Paper-V
6. Model Test Paper-VI

Section 2-Logical Reasoning
Part 1-Theory of Logical Reasoning
1. Important Concepts in logical Reasoning

Part 2-Logical Reasoning Exercises
1. Level of Difficulty
2. Level of Difficulty
3. Level Difficulty

Section 3-Challenges In Data Interpretation
Part 1-Challenges In Data Interpretation
1. Challenges in DI

Section 4-Data Sufficiency
Part 1-Data Sufficiency

Section 5-CAT Question Papers: 2003-2009
Part 1-Previous Year Question Papers (DI Portion)-2003-2008
1. CAT Question Paper 2003
2. CAT Question Paper 2004
3. CAT Question Paper 2005
4. CAT Question Paper 2006
5. CAT Question Paper 2007
6. CAT Question Paper 2008

Part 2-Sample Papers Based on 2009 Pattern
1. CAT 2009 Pattern Test 1
2. CAT 2009 Pattern Test 2
Model Test Paper

Here is a link to a free PDF of data interpretation Click Here

I am sure this will help you in your CAT. Bell the CAT 2012.