Wednesday, October 12, 2011

FORE School of Management

FORE is an excellent B-School in New Delhi. FORE stands for Foundation for organisational research and education. It was formed in 1981 .It is governed by trusties under a non-profit organisation.

FORE has a rich legacy. I have very minutely researched on B-Schools and found that FORE is an excellent institution to be on. The faculty of FORE is the main reason why it is one of the best B-Schools ranked in India. FORE is not known like IIMs however its even better than some of the new IIMs. The students of FORE are seated in the best corporate positions around the globe. You can get details on wikipedia page of FORE (link below).

FORE is compared with colleges like IMI, K.J Somiya and BIM Trichy. However it is mostly ranked below them .But here is the catch. If you carefully look why FORE is ranked below them ,then you will find that its only because of its limited building and unavailability of hostel inside the campus. But that is not a deterrent for FORE as it continues to attract the best students from India.

FORE has been ranked 17th best B-school 2011 by DNA newspaper . It is given an A*** rating by research firm CRISIL. Recruiters continue to take students from FORE . However the name looks lost as quality education is camouflaged by advertising and PR.

You may find this article biased for FORE but let me assure you its after a deep study I have written this artcile. FORE is one of the top MBA college in India.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fore_School_of_Management This is the wikipedia link for FORE School of management.