Monday, May 14, 2012

9 Must Read Books Before MBA

MBA is a dynamic course. It demands you to know something of everything. Serious MBA students are those who take time out from their busy schedule to read books that set them apart from their class. This particularly helps them during their placement time. Recruiters don't only want a student who is excellent in Marketing but has weak communication skills or knows no Finance. They want a dynamic profile. Someone who can show that he/she is a well read student and has an influencing personality.

However B-Schools these days focus more on specialization but the soft skills and the overall personality of the MBA student remains the same. I when I was doing my MBA read a book in 15 days. I became a bibliophile and have a library of my own now. The books I read I use them today as the methods explained help me every-time to find a solution to problems.

My dear friend I if you are an MBA aspirant or pursuing an MBA you must read as much as you can. Make it your hobby to get a book and sleep with it. I never ever got any books from my B-School library to read but to complete projects. I purchase new or used books from market and net. The reason is the one never completes reading books from library is that They are FREE ! Students love their books when they purchase them. Secondly library is a good resource but the huge variety never lets you read the book that is actually good for you.

Also you cannot mark anything on a library book. I love to highlight,underline and write when I read something. And lastly you have to return them in 15 days time or so. I just hate to pay fine to library. Those petty fines I tell you.

Here are some excellent books that you must read. Mark, highlight, write meanings of words along you read.

#1. How to Win Friends and Influence People

Now this one is a Killer. I have never came accross a book which teaches you to be a more influential person.My Human Resource teacher Mr. Neeraj told me to read this book and I thank him every time for such a gift. My take is its a must must read.

#2. The One Minute Manager 

The book is an all time best by Ken Blanchard. If focuses on 3 things must for a business to be successful. They are Delegation process on reports, how to praise your colleagues and how to give criticism that is motivating and positive. I have read this book many times and still learning more from every reading.

#3. In Search of Excellence

You cannot miss to read out "The Greatest Business Book of All Times". Thats what people call this book by Thomas J.Peters. The book explains 8 principles based on a study on 43 US companies. Every faculty I have met recommeded me to read this book when I asked them about any business book. This book is a legend and must read. 

#4. The Fortune At The Bottom Of The Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty Through Profits 

How can a management student not read the only novel from "The Greatest Indian Management Guru of 21st Century Dr. C.K. Prahalad" If you haven't heard of him please do a Google. He gave many theories to the world. He passed away recently. I was fortunate enough to attend couple of his lectures. The book shows MBA students how they cannot ignore the poor people and make fortune for themselves. It is an inspirational book for if you have a dream to be an entrepreneur. 

 #5. Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies

The book gives the process to build strong and built to last organisations. Organisation that can take on recession head on. Future managers from MBA must be well equipped to take on any problems any time. This book will teach you many examples that cannot be discussed in a classroom. 

#6. The Art Of War 

A book written 2000 years ago in China and which still holds value today in management science. Its about how a warrior (MBA) has to fight and defend his assets. 

#7.  The Halo Effect: ... and the Eight Other Business Delusions That Deceive Managers

What are the key features that decide your success and failure in business world. How to survive and win the management battle every time. This is what this book explains. 

#8. The 5 Essential People Skills: How To Assert Yourself, Listen to Others

This is an outstanding book I have read that tells you how much to assert oneself, listen to others and how to resolve conflicts. If you feel you have lost a little ground after every meeting? Most of us are either too assertive or passive in our business life and we never end up getting the support,recognition and respect that we desire. Must read this one!

#9. The Goal: A Process Of Ongoing Improvement

I hope this will really be helpful to you. Please comment what you think on these books and do subscribe to my blog.