Sunday, May 20, 2012

5 Ways To Get A Tech Job After MBA for Non Engineers

Technology is a sector which now employees a major chunk of the world’s educated workforce. This sector is booming, however not all technology jobs require a tech degree. An engineer in I.T is not sure weather his qualifications will be enough to grow in his tech job 10 years from now. An non tech student is hoping that his sectors will revive and will create growth and opportunities. Just create your own path.

I strongly believe both of them will survive and get good careers ahead when it comes to transition during job. If you are willing to do some upgrades you are welcome into the tech world.

In India I.T companies hire around half a million Indian grads from colleges every year. Companies like Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, Accenture, IBM are hiring students heavily.  Amazon hired 22400 and Google 7800 people this year. Wipro was the first Indian I.T company that recruited non engineers, T.C.S. does this on ref feral basis.

1. Know How the Internet Works
You will be surprised to know that many MBA grads don’t know how the web works. They may not be engineers but they should be well informed about the net and its working, The web is not only social networking. Today businesses are going online and its a must to understand how it works.

I am teaching my self to code because I am not an engineer myself. Coding hardly matters when it comes to getting hired in these companies as you are not supposed to code but at least know their business. Similarly, Instagram founder Kevin Systrom taught himself to code at night while working in marketing, possibly inspiring a new generation of business guys learning to program.

The first thing anyone should do is learn HTML and maybe even some JavaScript. Codecademy and W3Schools are two great places to start. You can also buy this amazing book on coding
5 Ways To Get A Tech Job After MBA for Non Engineers

2. Learn as much from the Web and Books

Web is a great resource where you can learn almost everything. Follow blogs which keep you updated on latest technology as mashable, tech crunch, shoutmeloud and labnol etc. When recruiters at your college will ask you how can you contribute to our organization you can answer them with how much you read on latest technology. 
Google is a dream company for many. Google offers jobs to non-tech students in Tier 2 bschools. The profile is of business development. 

3. Find a Job in the Digital Companies
Transition to a tech firm will be eaier if you work in a digital company first. E-commerce websites as flipkart, makemytrip, shaadi dot com, olx and other dot com companies are hiring in Indian bschools.

I suggest you read the placement report of IIM Indore and other MBA colleges to have an idea which are these companies. 

4. Try to Innovate
You should demonstrate to your boss some inventive and courageous side within your present role by starting a new department, devising and implementing a fresh strategy or producing a cutting-edge marketing product through the web. It’s advantageous if technology is inherent in these accomplishments, but not necessary.

4. Accept you don’t know much

There will be many employees who know more than you as they may be pro tech. You should accept they know much more and learn from them. Give them what you know and think. Individuals switching industries need to start with a more junior role. But you should invest time to learn the business and the pay cut won’t have to last long.
5 Ways To Get A Tech Job After MBA for Non Engineers
 However don’t underestimate your creativity and ideas.

5. Work on your Dream Project

If you fall in love with the technology there is no looking back. It’s a dope. Always remember to build your ideas by giving them time.Ask from the experts and plan its business model. Then show it to your boss or look for a seed venture for your idea.

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