Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why an MBA ?

Many students prepare for the prestigious entrance exams like the CAT , XAT etc. We spend our nights rattafaing wordlists. We read the Hindu and ET like a chacha chaudhary comic. Then there is quants and D.I . Reasoning looks unreasonable every time. We go to coaching classes like CL,TIME,IMS,Arete etc and spend our free time asking queries . In personal life we loose charm to socialize because we got to prepare. We do all this and much more to bell the cat. But the question is why MBA and not how to crack CAT .

Today many of us don't understand the different sectors and specializations in an MBA college, i.e Finance, Marketing, HR etc. However I believe one should be aware of what sector one aspires to grow up. I agree that many of us are freshers and don't know everything but we have to understand that this time its MBA. It will be a last degree for many of us so we should choose it in a judicious and an informed manner. Moreover its a professional degree in any specialization. Thus we are bound to know our domains. The more informed ,the better decision

In the US and other global powerhouses a 2 year work ex is mandatory to be eligible for an MBA. Why? Because an experienced guy is better equipped with the corporate realities. He has more practical knowledge and can relate his experience to his MBA.In India too the IIMs,XLRI,ISB,MICA,IMT,FMS,NITIE,SPJAIN and other reputed MBA colleges prefer candidates with complementary work ex.

Most of us try to complete our MBA to get a good job.A high paying job after an MBA lures students to get into B-schools. But I find it totally wrong. I believe we do MBA to hone our skills and get equipped with the managerial tools. MBA is not about assimilating formulas to produce profits. Its more of peer learning at the college and its more of networking.Its about learning the harder way i.e Learning Khud Se. An MBA college produces professionals who are ready to take over the markets and not students who are at a nascent stage.

An introspection is needed before one goes into management. MBA can provide you with degrees but one should be passionate to pursue management. Management is everyone cup to tea. It requires patience, diligence and judicious thinking. One should meet people who have experience in different fields and ask them of what they do and then ask himself is that it that in aspires to do for the next half of his god damn life?

MBA qualification is easy to get but sustaining it is a onus.All these things which I have stated above should be taken into consideration before one thinks he is made to do an MBA. But let me tell you that an MBA is not an means to an end but a process that is endless.

Thanks & Regards,
CAT 2011.